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Welcome to! is a fast growing and expanding service for modern International Dance & Events Photography in Australia and New Zealand with extra services like photo gallery, on-site printing and online shop, counting thousands of visitors every month! We are always looking to secure new events and will be updating this website accordingly.

Volunteers Wanted!
Our photo booth at the annual AMCE (Australian Movie and Comic Expo) in Melbourne is looking for some volunteers to help out with the photo printing. The good thing is that you don't need any experience and get a chance to meet the celebrities ''behind the scenes''. Please check our Facebook Page to read more or contact us for details.

To Event Organizers
We would like to visit your show or event, take hundreds of fantastic photos, print on-the-spot instantly using our professional lab-quality printers and display them here with an option to purchase the photos even years later. The photos are usually online within 24 hrs and can be viewed by ten-thousands of national and international visitors from all over the world. You can also make a link from your website directly to our galleries so you don't need to worry about selecting, resizing and uploading your photos onto your own website. We do it all for you and we show it to the world! Please check our Service page for more information.


Armageddon Auckland:

SAT: General
SAT: Phelps
SAT: Chris Lloyd
SAT: DeLorean

SUN: General
SUN: Phelps
SUN: Chris Lloyd
SUN: DeLorean

MON: General
MON: Phelps
MON: Chris Lloyd
MON: DeLorean