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Time to say goodbye... has been around since 2006. Starting without any formal photography education as a small hobby and just in Wellington, we (that is me, Alex) have quickly grown and took photos all around New Zealand - paid and unpaid, public and private. After moving to Sydney, I have also started photography services for some events around Australia. Sadly most of the events in Australia have now ceased their activities and therefore my "mini business" is shrinking as well. Furthermore the increasing costs of travelling to New Zealand for the Armageddon Events with over 100kg of luggage is making it financially difficult to continue. I have been taking photos for Bill at Armageddon since 2008. Sadly the costs have grown and I had to make the decision to discontinue any photography and printing services for Bill's events.

Thank you...
I would like to thank all beautiful people that helped me out on the many shows and events, thank you to all my hard-working Volunteers over the years that made my work so much more enjoyable and thank you to the Armageddon family that looked after me so well from day one!

Website to continue...
This website will stay alive until at least 31 Dec, 2017 so that everyone has the opportunity to view and purchase any of their photos taken in the past. There might be one or two more events coming up in Australia in 2017. Any updates will be posted here and on the Facebook page.


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